Sunday, 13 November 2016

You're so money supermarket!!!

Honestly there are some TV ads that you can't get out of your head! Whether it be the song, the audacious filmography or just a quirky saying. o doubt that they do plenty of research as to how to keep it in your head.

Well not long ago a certain TV ad found its way into Mr. N's class. I do apologise for all of the readers that may have never seen this particular ad, but when you have finished try to find it on youtube and you will et how funny it was.

So in Early Years it is massively important to use every opportunity you have both indoors and outdoors. Mr. N strived to do this and was 'over the moon' when the workmen arrived at his school to build the new building - Look at all the opportunities, the diggers, the helmets the links that could be made." So Mr. N made a point of talking about what the builders were doing and allowing the class to  imagine what the building will look like even drawing up some plans in class with the children to design there own extension.

The children were so engaged especially a child we shall call H. Every time she sat down to do some work involving the workmen she started sing "Just a little bit more" by Liberty X.

Everything about you so sexy"

A very grown up song - Thought Mr N.

Well this went on for a couple of days...

Then it happened!!!

 Mr. N couldn't take the curiosity anymore and just when he was about to ask there was a knock on the door.

None other than the Deputy head walked in to have a quiet word. Ominous - Thought Mr N.

"Can you have a word with a certain H in your class to stop asking the builders to dance for them!"

"Wha.. OK" claimed Mr N.

When Mr. N got to the bottom of this with H it worked out that she was calling through the fence,


Here is the link for those that might not get it!

Altogether now.

Oh the Things They Say!

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