Saturday, 30 April 2016

Learning the hard way!

Now do you remember passing notes around the classroom and sniggering with your friends? Do you remember how irate your teacher would get when they caught you? The funny thing is that they did the exact same when they were in school!

It is different now however, as we live in a digital world were a mere note can go viral in the matter of hours! Thus it is the job of every good teacher to protect children from cyber bullying and such likes through the powerful tool of education.

This was the philosophy of Miss F who is still to this day a superb teacher. She believed that instead of "firewalling" up your internet so that it is impossible to get anything done, we should be constantly teaching about how to behave online and if anything untoward is stumbled upon then you can appropriately report it.

This liberal philosophy made her a favourite among most of her students as her lessons were (and still are) adventurous and fun.

This particular story took place when she was teaching a year six class (10/11 year olds). She had introduced the wonder of QR codes to the children. Explaining that you can link these codes to pictures and videos on the web and if your very clever on private networks.
Well the children loved it, they were creating QR codes for absolutely everything, her class was a mass of black and white squares with all manner of educational opinions and resources attached for her year 6 class.

"This is going to be a daily routine!" Thought a delighted Miss F, amazed at how quickly her class had taken to it.


Yard duty and Miss F was strolling across the yard keeping a keen eye out for juvenile behaviour.
Suddenly a fight broke out on the yard! Cue the teacher on duty! Miss F took off as quick as she could across the playground desperate to split up the fight before any lasting damage.

Now Miss F is a curvy woman who is shall we say somewhat top heavy (if you get my meaning) but this did not stop her eating the ground up like Usaine Bolt!

However, as she entered the crowd of boys, shouting for them to move aside, she tripped over her own feet and took a tumble.

How embarrassing I hear you think, well the doozy is that when she got up her blouse had completely burst open displaying... well you know what was displaying.

Valiantly Miss F still managed to split up the two juveniles who were fighting and get herself fastened and fixed for the next lesson.

That afternoon however there were a couple more QR codes than there had been in the morning, that when scanned showed a slow motion replay of Miss F bursting from her blouse with a huge POW sign at what we shall call the moment of impact right next to her red bra.

All QR codes were taken down and the whole school had a  stern telling off from the headteacher about recording devices on the school grounds.

I am pleased to say that that Miss F is still a wonderful teacher and is able to laugh about the incident. She still teaches fun and exciting lessons however she does not wear blouses for work anymore!

 Oh the things they say!

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