Sunday, 14 February 2016

Crush on the teacher!!!

We've all been there in school, when we have a major crush on the teacher. There is a plethora of psychological reasons why many young people have major crushes on educators.The one, however,  that in my humble opinion is the main reason is that educators are safe parental figures (very freudian I know).

This seems, in my experience, especially prevalent in younger pupils and can lead to some very humorous comments as the next story will illustrate.

So Mr. N married one of the teachers he worked with Mrs. N. I know, I know marrying a co-worker! Who in their right mind eh? But thats the way it was.

All of the older children knew and respected the fact that Mr. N and Mrs. N where married however the younger children did not know so much and there was always a fuss when they found out.

Well Mr. N at the time taught a year one class (5/6 year old children). His class were a very caring bunch constantly telling him he was their favourite teacher (no doubt this happens with most classes and their teachers).

There was however one girl we shall call F who was shall we say very taken with Mr. N, she loved showing off her work to him, she would constantly rush to be sat next to him on the carpet, and most adorably she would tell anyone who would listen that she was going to marry Mr. N one day.

One day, Mr. N was walking his class very sensibly to the dinner centre when he passed Mrs. N on the corridor, he had a quick word with her then moved on. F, who was holding Mr. N's hand asked who 'that lady was?'

Mr N replied "That is Mrs . N she is my wife!"

F stopped in her tracks and pulled on Mrs. N's sleeve to get her attention.

"Hello" said Mrs. N

F - "I didn't know you were Mr. N's love!"

Mrs. N chuckled and said "Yes I'm married to Mr. N."

F replied "I love Mr. N too!"

Then she said, with an innocent smile "You have blonde hair like me Mrs N!" (I know, cute right?)

"But" she continued "mine is long and beautiful!"

Mrs. N was little taken aback but laughed it off.

F carried on keeping that innocent smile "You have brown eyes like me except mine are gorgeous and sparkly!"

Mr. N at this point started to feel a little awkward and started to move his class onwards.

F then said as she was walking away "I will wear make-up like you and I will look beautiful and then I will marry Mr. N."

"Thats enough now F!" Said Mr. N. Thinking to himself as he saw the look on his flabbergasted wife's face he said "That escalated pretty fast!" 

But it wasn't finished yet Mrs. N and Mr. N sat down for dinner that evening and began laughing at the events of the day especially the F situation.

Both were chuckling away when Mrs. N stated "Seriously tell her to back off!"

"Wha... but... how... " Mr N said then thought SHE'S FIVE FOR GOD'S SAKE!

I am pleased to say that Mr and Mrs. N are still married and very in love not only that Mrs. N is now F's teacher and they get on very well. Or at least Mr. N hopes thats the case!

Time for the chorus.

Oh the things they say!!!

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