Saturday, 20 February 2016

Thats a strange diet!!!!

Now if there is one thing that is brilliant about teaching Early Years it is the complete and utter gullible belief they have in their teachers. For instance a child in my class the other day asked me where I live! Me being a bit of a joker said "I live on the moon!" The child gave me a long look and I was expecting him to say how much he didn't believe it, but instead he took a look around the classroom and said "So this classroom is a rocket so you can get to the moon!"

Obviously this carried through into a whole new topic and we had loads of fun designing a plethora of space travelling objects. As I say, working with 3 -5 year olds is brilliant because of their gullibility and their imagination - they can be transported to places that we as pessimistic adults can only dream about.

So Mr. Y was in his second year in the job. As a RQT (Recently Qualified Teacher) he went at every teaching point full pelt, high energy teaching was his motto, as long as the children learnt through fun he was satisfied.

The nursery he worked in was beginning to introduce rolling snack-time, meaning that the children could enjoy snack whenever they wanted. Also there was a major overhaul going on in the outdoor environment, it was redesigned and plenty of equipment for the children was now available.

Now the first problem Mr. Y had with this rolling snack area was that either the children were sat there all day "pigging out" or they flat out refused to have snack because they didn't like what was there.

Mr. Y had a completely foolproof idea (Oh the folly of the young!) he would read a book to the class called Fly Burger. It was a great book, it was in the shape of a burger and every page added a different creepy crawly topping on the burger. Well the children lapped it up, they laughed throughout. "Now they're in the palm of my hand - time for the teaching point." Mr. Y thought.

He then walked his class over to the snack area and spoke about how lovely the snack is here, not like a Fly Burger, because nobody wants worms on their food. He also explained how important it was to have a try of new food because "You never know if you might like it!"

Mr. Y also had a quiet word about sharing to those children who were camped out at the snack table all day!

"I'll try my snack Mr. Y." said a spritely little boy called E.

E subsequently received a sticker and a big well done from Mr. Y. This triggered a reaction where every child in his class wanted to try snack. "How epic am I, one small activity and BOOM all children are exploring snack." Thought a very confident Mr. Y.

Later on in the day, outdoors, the children were playing in the mud kitchen (where they can make mud pies and such with different kitchen utensils). The story that was told earlier was still fresh in the children's minds and they were enjoying digging up worms and watching them squirm on top of their mud pies. Mr. Y encouraged children to move like worms, to draw worms and many more 'wormy' activities. "How amazing has this day been, thanks to my superb idea!" Mr. Y thought.

I know, I know Mr Y is beginning to sound like a self important (insert expletive)!  But honestly it was really because he loved it when the children were learning and having fun!

Then it happened...

Screams from inside the nursery, I'm talking about high pitched screeches that would make dogs howl! Mr. Y, like a cat, leapt into action, dodging in and out of children, hurdling benches and other obstacles until he arrived at the snack area.

"What is the matter?" He asked as he saw the chaos ensuing.

Nobody answered him, they just continued to screech, all except young E (who received a sticker earlier).

He was sat there with a full bowl of worms, writhing and wriggling - calmly slurping them up and chewing them slowly!

Mr. Y took the bowl off him and gently asked as he baulked "Why?"

E replied "You said to share and try new things!"

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHH!!!!!! Thought the once overconfident Mr. Y.

Time for the chorus.

Oh the things they say!!!

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