Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Magic Maths!!!!

There is nothing better than a little magic to hook the children into any subject. A little trick will engage those that are in no way interested in the subject you are teaching. This goes double if your are teaching 4/5 year olds.

Talking of doubles Mr. N was introducing a maths lesson with his reception class (4/5 year olds) based on doubling. None of them had done this before so he decided to show them how to double using a magic trick.

He simply had an empty bag and some counters. A child was chosen to put a number of counters in the bag (up to ten). Then the children would say the magic words, "hubble and bubble, make it double!"
Then with quick fingers Mr N would reach in sneakily placing in the correct amount in the bag. Then when they were counted the children were awestruck!

Mr. N repeated this at least five times to cheers from his class - The best thing was they actually all 'got it!'

Some children asked "If we put pencils in the bag what would happen?"
Mr. N replied "obviously you would double the amount."
D, a creative thinking little boy asked "What if you put your hand in?"
Mr. N (seeing a teaching point) "well we have 5 fingers on one hand, so how many would we have on one hand if we said the magic spell?"
Good enough all of the children echoed loudly "TEN!!!!" Then they all laughed!

So the lesson went on children completing their various activities with wonderful echoes of "hubble bubble, make it double!"

Mr. N smiled to himself as he took in his class, all on task and behaving beautifully.

There were even comments on how well his class were doing from passing teachers. Mr. N was snapping pictures like the paparazzi gathering evidence for how brilliant his class was in mathematics.

When bursts of laughter and loud shouts disturbed Mr. N's nigh on perfect lesson.

"How dare anyone disturb such a perfect lesson!" Thought an enraged Mr. N.

As he looked around he saw D (mentioned as the creative thinker earlier) screaming "HUBBLE BUBBLE, MAKE IT DOUBLE!" With, and get this, the magic doubling bag over his crotch area!

"D, what on earth are you doing." exclaimed a shocked Mr. N.

D - "I just wanted to see what it would be like to have two willies!"

Mr. N said "I think thats a bit silly, please put the bag down and get on with your activity!"


Time for the chorus:

Oh the things they say!!!!

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