Monday, 8 February 2016

I love video games as much as anyone!!!

Now I'm a self confessed gamer! I know I'm 34 year old, married with a child, in a highly mature professional career thus I rarely have the time to fit it in but I do (much to my wife's derision).

There are three good reasons that I'm a gamer:-
1. I am overweight and thus can't leap from building to building performing a double tuck somersault with a twist whilst drawing my katana and landing in the defensive tiger crouch!! I can't fight in the UFC for that matter and choke out people who are as heavy as me as I would rather run away!!! I can do all of that though on the playstation!
2. I cannot do 150 mph down a side road in order to escape from the police for illegal street racing! Mainly because I drive a Ford Fusion not a Ferrari!
3. It is illegal to carry a gun in my country - not in video games though!

Chilling out and losing myself in an alternate reality helps me wind down, that is the bottom line.

So has anyone looked at #teachlikeapirate - its fab!!!

Mr.V thought it was fab as well. He decided to set up the crime scene and let the children work out what had happened to the victim, in this case Santa Clause.

For those of you that are not familiar with this we call this 'talk less teaching' in England. Its where the children are in charge of their own learning so if you set up a 'crime scene' you can get loads of writing and creative ideas from every ability group in your class.

So as said Mr. V worked really hard setting it up and the kids where instantly hooked.

Mr. V being a creative person himself tried to not only include writing but modern technology as well. He gave the lower ability group an iPad to film and reenact what they though might have happened. There was plenty of talk about Santa falling out of the sleigh so everyone was looking forward to seeing what the group came up with.

So the lesson went on and the children were so engaged Mr. V was picturing accepting the national teaching award! He was halfway through writing his speech in his head none other than the headteacher walks in to see this inspirational lesson.

Being confident in his lesson Mr. V invites the headteacher in to the conclusion of the lesson (which we call the plenary).

Mr. V builds up the the video after reading out some of the theories as to what has happened to Santa - "Are you ready to see what really happened" Asked Mr. V and he was greeted by a chorus of "YEAH!"
"OMG I am so great its hard to put into words!!!" Mr .V thought.

He began to play the video...

THEN IT HAPPENED... National teaching award out the window!!!

The video consistent of Santa strolling along with his sack of presents obviously ready to give to some good children. Then along comes another person who screams "FREEZE MOTHERF***** before I blow you away!!!"
Then BANG BANG BANG santa was dead!

Mr V fumbled with the computer and managed to switch it off!!!

The headteacher gave the "we'll talk about this later look." As he strolled out of the room.

Obviously very serious talks ensued in the class it worked out that a certain child had been playing on Grand Theft Auto all night.

Mr . V did not receive the national teaching award but is still dreaming about it!!!!

Altogether now:

Oh the things they say!!!! 

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