Thursday, 21 January 2016

A Christmas performance to remember!

Now, I work in a Catholic School so Christmas is a big deal. The teachers spend at least half of the term preparing the children in their various roles using as much creativity as they dare to make the Christmas performance memorable and special for the parents.

One year the teachers decided to firstly perform a couple of songs and dances about modern society and how we perceive Christmas now (bare in mind this is a difficult job to do with 6 year old children). So the songs were about Christmas shopping (which went down fabulously), Christmas dinner (again went down well, excuse the pun!), and lastly Christmas T.V. namely the X-factor!

So the children began performing their rock song, like they were on the X factor. It was going so well, the audience of proud parents were clapping along, there were smiles of relief/pride from the teachers, even the little boy with learning difficulties (A) was keeping in time.

And then it happened...
The finale....

The children slid on their knees to the audience shouting Yeah, rock on...

Apart from young A who decided to shout

"You fuck off!"

You could not hear a pin drop in the room, all of the teachers began to panic and shuffle on to the next scene as quickly as possible, whilst A's mum sat there with her face turning a wonderful colour of deep red.

Say it with me everyone...

Oh the things they say!

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