Wednesday, 20 January 2016

What its all about!

Well hello everyone, I won't go on and bore you with full biography of who I am, but you do need to know a little about me to know where I'm coming from!

I'm an Early Years teacher (please don't groan I promise I won't type in my teacher voice), so I have to speak in a sing song voice all day and smile like sunbeams are bathing me with a delightfully warm caress all day - kinda like the 70's all over again every day!

I am a doting father of a beautiful 3 year old daughter and a proud husband to my beautiful wife who is also a primary school teacher (how sorry do you feel for my daughter).

Thats about it really about me, I have basically decided to blog for two reasons -
Reason number one: The children in the school I teach at are way more advanced than me in every aspect of modern technology - and I am the Computing coordinator (shy, embarrassed smile). more can be read about that on my other blog at

Reason number two: I love my job mainly because every day is different - my Dad always said to me think of something that has made you laugh throughout the day so that it is never wasted! Well in my job the children do something hilarious every day and I promise not one of them will be the same.

So for the foreseeable future I will be publishing some of the funniest moments in my 12 year career, I hope that you enjoy them as much as I still do. I also hope to do them justice.

Enjoy folks

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