Sunday, 24 January 2016

Dad I'm getting bullied!!!!

Oh how horrible bullies are! As a parent and as a teacher I despise the behaviour and cannot abide excuses as to why such behaviours occur JUST DON'T DO IT!

This particular story takes place in the nursery class (3/4 year old children). In this class there was one particular boy we shall call J, who was shall a full head and shoulders, physically, larger than the rest of the class. Now j had larger hands than most, larger feet than most, a larger body than most but most importantly to this story a shorter temper than most!

Now Mr.N was a fun teacher! He enjoyed making the children laugh, play games that would have them smiling constantly, he cared when they were hurt and would try to bring a smile to their little faces. In short he would do mainly anything to make the children happy!

It did however, occur to Mr. N that J was not as happy as he could be so he made a concerted effort to  give J extra attention one day. He put together jigsaws with him, until that got thrown across the room! He played with the train set with him which got the jigsaw treatment, the sand, the water the paint all got the same treatment! Everything indoors was not working so it was outside the duo went to play!

The bouncing ball was a big hit, the laughter was loud and Mr. N got that warm feeling that we all get when we feel we have achieved a great feat! Now as this glorious thought was going through his head J had swung his foot at the ball so hard that if he missed the ball it he would probably kick himself in the head. On this occasion he did in fact miss the ball and his foot connected squarely with the daydreaming Mr N's lower regions.

Mr. N duly crumpled to the floor which brought great joy to J! The following day J, looking for another big laugh through in a left hook that Mike Tyson would be proud of... IN THE EXACT SAME SPOT!!!!!
Again Mr. N crumpled to the floor! J in heaps of laughter again!
Obviously this behaviour could not be allowed to continue so stern words where had with J by Mr. N.
This however, did not stop J, he made ingenious plans to "accidentally" smash, bang and wallop Mr. N in that region!

A week later and the straw that broke the camel's back was loaded! Could this child be bullying me? thought a now terrified Mr. N. No surely not "I know" he thought "I will take a firm line with J, zero tolerance Sergeant N is in da house!"

After that excellent pep talk Mr. N sat J in time out to think about what he was doing the next time that this happened. Thinking nothing of it he sat J in a quiet place whilst he, as a responsible teacher, turned the chair around watching the rest of the class. Also thinking to himself "surely he is not bullying a teacher!"
Now Mr. N was sat as we said supervising the class with his back to J just outside the room where J was sitting, glaring that hateful glare! Then everything went black!!!

Apparently J in his wonderfully angry way had slammed the door straight into the back of Mr. N's head and knocked him clean out! I'm not talking about over exaggerating the knock on the head I'm talking truly slumped, slobbering don't know where you are knocked out!!!!

After recovering Mr. N was sent home. When his father asked why he was home early, he answered "Dad I'm getting bullied by a 3 year old!"

I suppose this has nothing to do with what they say so we should shout

Oh the things they do!!!

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