Thursday, 28 January 2016

A hero in the making!!!

Ah, the toilets! Think back to when you were at primary school and how much mischief went on in the toilets. Oh the laughs I had as it was seemingly the only place the teachers could not see us. Even now as a teacher my class often ask can they go to the toilet and I know very well that they just want to get out of the lesson! The last thing I need, however,  is to refuse them and have to mop up a puddle in the middle of the classroom (which has happen and is a story for another day). 

So on a particularly hot summer term's day one of the children in Mr. N's class asked to go to the toilet. Mr . N had no problem with this and let them go and thought nothing more of it. 

Five minutes passed and Mr. N wondered where A was "maybe he's having a number two!" he thought. 

Ten minutes pass - "Thats some number two." He thought 

Fifteen minutes gone and enough was enough, the lesson wasn't that boring so he sent his teaching assistant to go and look for A.

Seconds later the door bursts open "Mr. N come quick the toilet is overflowing!" 
I know, I know how is a primary school teacher meant to plumb a blocked toilet!... But Mr. N asked no questions and leapt into action like a poor man's version of an Avenger.

Throwing the door open with his chest proudly thrust out he saw the extent as to what was happening... and he wanted to vomit! The toilet and all the toilet held was truly overflowing and A was stood there horrified because the little whippersnapper had locked the cubical and crawled underneath the door!

Now Mr. N was not the slimmest guy in the world thus he struggled to climb over the neighbouring cubical into the cubical in question. After a good thirty seconds of embarrassment he finally squeezed his way into the flooding toilet. 

He fished out the two whole toilet rolls that had been stuffed down the toilet and made sure that the toilet would stop flowing. He threw the door open expecting a hero's welcome, he put on his best walk (that would look great in slow motion). 

All Mr. N got was a shrieking A shouting "URGH!!! Mr. N has got poohey shoes!"

Mr. N swollowed down the white hot rage burning inside him, slowly looked down and realised A was right! 

Don't cha just love kids!!!!

Say it with me...

Oh the things they say!!!!!

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