Saturday, 23 January 2016

The Flasher!!!

All teachers have taught "difficult" children but secretly we love them. They give us so many memories and stories to retell and look back upon part of me thinks "what would we do without those mischievous little so and so's?"

This particular story is about one such pupil who was challenging behaviourally. Again it was the Christmas play, so you can imagine how stressed the teachers were feeling trying to make sure everything goes according to plan. 

Well one particular practice session was an absolute nightmare especially with one little boy (Y) who was involved in every problem that happened in the session!

Finally the teacher had had enough she reeled off the thirty strong list of what had gone wrong with the play that day to B and sent him out of the hall for a time out.

Rookie mistake:
Have you ever heard the saying "keep your friends close but your enemies closer."
This translated to teacher speak is "Keep the well behaved on track and keep your 'misbehavers' glued to your side fixing them with 'the teacher stare' until they can't help but behave!" Not as catchy, granted, but true nonetheless!

So now young Y was able to let those devilish cogs turn in his head and come up with a dastardly scheme. 
"I need a wee!" Y blurted out to the nearest adult who was around.
"Ok Y, but come straight back." (after all the last this we need is a wet misbehaving child) said the nearest adult!

So off Y went to the toilet were he proceeded to keep the door open slightly and wait for innocent passers by. Then when they were least suspecting it BOOM "Have a look at this!" he would shout and children being children would laugh and run in and tell there teacher. 

Before any teachers got there Y had flashed one to many people and when he said to A "whaddya think of this?" She replied nonchalantly "Not much really." then proceeded to yell to the whole school that Y had a tiny "spout for his teapot!"

Y went bright red and fumbled for his pants not expecting any sort of answer!

Well as a teacher you have to keep a look of outrage on your face in usual misbehavioural circumstance this happened for about five seconds until the adults could not hold in the giggles any longer! 

Y was escorted away from the crowd and it must be said dealt with professionally and calmly, he has become a legend in the staffroom as soon as someone says remember Y there are fits of laughter!

Even more laughter when they all remember the quick witted girl who managed somehow to do a better job than any of the teachers in nullifying Y's misdemeanours. 

Time for the chorus folks:

Oh the things they say!!!!

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