Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Be careful they repeat everything!!!

I love teaching young children, every day is different and always provides me and hopefully you no end of laughter.

This little short is all about a child's love for his dad.

Every time Mr. N asks the children about their home lives one particular child (G) always says about how much he enjoys spending time with his Dad. Even at parents meetings 'Dad' is smitten with his little boy and treats him more like a best friend than a son.

Now G is a very well behaved boy, always tries his best and loves to laugh! In fact he loves to laugh so much he became the class clown, he will do anything to make his friends laugh much to Mr. N's annoyance especially when trying to teach a full class activity!

Anyway, I digress. It came to Mr. N's attention one afternoon that G had called somebody in the class a 'smackhead' (if you don't know what this is please feel free to look it up just take my word it is not a nice thing to call someone).

Well Mr. N could obviously not let this go without a stern word being had! So putting on his best disappointed face Mr. N sat g down in a quiet space and asked him what he called the other child, to which G replied "a dickhead!"

"Hang on" thought Mr. N "I'm sure it was a different word that was fed back, maybe it was a mistake on the LSA's part."

Mr. N - "Are you sure that was the word you used G?"

G - "No." (big sigh) "I called him a knobhead!"


Mr. N (outwardly and calmly).  "Oh G, no matter what you called him none of these words are nice! Where did you hear these words?"

G replied nonchalantly "my Dad calls people it only when he's in the car, he says its ok because its car rules!!!"

Then G goes on to list words you would only here in the roughest pubs and clubs at closing time.

Another awkward parents meeting for Mr. N then!!!!

Its that time again, say it with me:

Oh the things they say!!!!!

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