Thursday, 21 January 2016

Its all semantics.

There is nothing more annoying to a teacher when children do not follow your instructions exactly!!!!
The thing is when they don't follow your instructions nine times out of ten it is in fact the teacher not making themselves clear enough as the following situation well demonstrates.

Mr. N was in a really good mood because he very much enjoys teaching his year 1 class P.E (thats physical education for those of you that are not aware). However the one problem he was having was getting them changed into their P.E. kits.
He had then a brilliant idea:

"OK class, today we are going to get ready for P.E. without any mishaps! All you all have to do is listen to my instructions and all will be well." He said to the 25 eager eyes that were taking in his every word.

"All I want you to do is take your uniform off and put it on the chair you are standing behind before you get ready into your kits."

The children good enough began to take their uniforms off whilst Mr.N helped with some tricky buttons etc.

"Next Mr. N continued put on your P.E. kits and we will be ready to go!"

Smiling to himself, like that evil genius does when his plan is coming together in James Bond movies, he looks around the room at everyone but one child in their P.E. kits.

F, a sweet little girl, through tear brimmed eyes and a quivering lip stated "I can't do it!"

Mr. N patiently walked over giving a sigh "Why can this not... oh!"

As he looked at F's chair he saw that the dress had been put on the chair as you would a person, the same with the t - shirt and the jumper, the bit she was struggling with however was putting the tights on the legs of the chair because and I quote "it has four legs and I only have two."

"Oh F," Mr. N said "what have you done?"


A sheepish Mr. N helped F get ready for P.E. and she collected more sticker rewards in that lesson than any other to date! whether this was due to actually being good at P.E. or Mr. N's guilt, only Mr. N knows.

Its time for the chorus everyone.

Oh the things they say!!!!  

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