Monday, 25 January 2016

The trials of Sex and Relationship Education!

So it has become statutory now that we teach Sex and Relationship Education (S.R.E.) throughout the whole education system. This goes from 3 year olds all the way through to 16 year olds.

Now as much as I agree with all of the research behind teaching the children, in a very child friendly, way from an early age, there can be a couple of hiccups along the way.

Take what happened to Mr. V for example. He had taught a lovely S.R.E. all about making sure you washed yourself properly (this was to 4-5 year olds).
So with skilful questioning and with the use of his puppet Eric, Mr. V the children explored the correct names for the parts they would need to wash every day to keep healthy.

Well a couple of days went by and the children got on as normal learning and playing throughout the day. In Mr V's class there was a girl who spoke English as an additional language (T), she was very shy and had hardly spoke for a good three weeks.

On this particular day T began to draw heart shapes in the sand, Mr V supported this by telling her the english name and then T repeated. This was a breakthrough! Mr. V drew a hand and then said "fingers" which T duly repeated, then he said hand which again T repeated!

Oh Mr. V thought he was a genius, english words flowing from this shy young lady who had barely spoken a word since the beginning of term! He was just about to engage in a victory dance (in his head of course) when a very perceptive boy we shall call D drew a shape in the sand which was kind of hard to make out. D then in horrific slow motion said "penis" which T duly repeated.

Now guess what was the only English word T remembered and repeated to her parents!!!!

Try folks trying to explain that this is part of the curriculum to parents who don't speak the language!

Altogether now:

Oh the things they say!!!!!!!

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